Kitchen-appliance safety alarm

For our final project, we plan on designing a safety/alarm system called unburnt’ which will focus on the overheating of kitchen appliances. The design will incorporate an Arduino, accelerometer, heat sensor, ping sensor, Ethernet cable and subsequent circuitry. When the heat sensor relays a heat level that exceeds a pre-existing threshold an alarm will go off warning the user of potential danger in the kitchen. If this alarm is turned off in time (eg. 20 seconds), which occurs by manually shaking the Arduino, then the problem has been resolved and the appliance is being monitored. However, if there is no response from the user in the allotted response time, the Arduino will automatically turn off the kitchen appliance to ensure that overheating does not occur/fire will start. Additionally, we will be using a ping sensor that will sense if there is human activity in the vicinity of the kitchen appliance. The purpose of this is to monitor whether there is someone present and watching over the appliance. If the sensor senses a lack of presence for a certain amount of time, and the temperature exceeds a lower threshold, the Arduino will automatically turn off the appliance. An additional feature of unburnt’ is the use of an app that can monitor the appliance from a smart phone. The goal will be to have the Arduino send the heat temperatures to a ThingSpeak app so that the user can monitor the kitchen from far (for example if a parent wants to monitor their child cooking in the kitchen). Thus, this system ensures that the kitchen appliances are being controlled, either by the user or the Arduino. If implemented in homes, this system can be used to reduce the amount of kitchen-caused fire accidents in homes around the world, thus increasing the safety of children/families and protecting the property of those families. The target customers for unburnt’ range from newly independent college students, to busy families with young children, and even expanding to senior citizens. Although unburnt’ focuses on the monitoring of kitchen appliances, in the future the expansion to washing and drying machines, dish washers, and even lighting is highly viable (and energy/cost efficient!).

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