Motivate yourself to stay active by posting to Facebook when you're being lazy

Abstract: Often people lose track of time while doing work, watching TV, or browsing the internet. It is very unhealthy to remain sedentary for long portions of the day, so the goal of our product is to get people to move a little bit more and make their lifestyle a bit healthier. The product we will be designing is something to help people be more active during the work/school day. It is a wearable device that records how long you have been sedentary. After 15 minutes of little/minimal movement, the device will email you and your contact list, letting all your friends know that you are being inactive. The device will have an accelerometer that measures how much movement the user is engaging in. If the user does not get enough activity points in 15 minutes, the emails will be sent out. However, after 14 minutes of inactivity, a buzzer will go off on the device to remind you to take a quick stretch or take a lap around the office.

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