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Product Abstract:

CAPS is an Arduino based “printer” that uses a pen. Using a total of three servo motors, CAPS manages to dexterously move around paper and drop a pen to produce words. Two of these motors are wheel motors that continuously rotate. The other motor is a180 degree motor that is used for the dropping of the pen.

The versatility behind CAPS is that it can be programmed to write on a variety of different paper sizes such as large posters (e.g. 10 by 30 banner) or on smaller paper sizes, such as A4 paper.

CAPS prints using a library of stored letters within the Arduino code. With this capability, CAPS can potentially be modified and upgraded to print out drawings as well.

From woodblock printing to Gutenberg’s printing press to modern day 3d printing, the process of printing has gone a long way. CAPS offers yet another innovative form of printing through its Arduino board system. Because printer ink has become so expensive as of late, the intention of our innovation was to offer a simpler and more affordable form of printing, through its use of pens and sharpies.

The novelty of the printer would be that it is a more economic solution to increased ink prices for replacement cartridges. For many students in college, their printing needs have usually dwindled down to essays and academic articles, so a simple and inexpensive printer that can do the job would be a good product for many students.

CAPS was especially created for the student market segment as well as those looking cut costs on their printing expenses. This is a functional product that is designed to not only fulfill functional printing needs but also expand the horizon of modern day printing. CAPS opens the doors to future printing technology that involves more portable devices and cheaper alternatives to present day systems.

When we first decided to create an Arduino printer we came across various challenges: • How to plot on an xy scale • How to control the movement of the pen • How to code the actual printing of letters However, we moved past these challenges by using a breadboard stacked on a boe-bot which proves to be a novel way of implementing a printer

Note: I do not own any of the music in the videos, all credit goes to Rob Simonsen (Song called RED) which has piano sheet music available to buy online. Link for Demo: Link for Technical Video:

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