Magic Mirror - Ece and Sonia

Light Sensitive Vanity Set and Notification System

We built a light sensitive vanity set with a notification system, which reminds the user to pick up products they may need. There are two main components to the lighting system of the vanity set. First, we created a light sensitive mirror, using arduinos, photoresistors, and LED strips. The photoresistors measured the amount of light in the room and if the light was above a certain threshold, the brightness of the LEDs would decrease because in a bright room, extra brightness is not necessary to see yourself well in the mirror. Conversely, when the light intensity measured below level, the LEDs would be lit lighter. In addition to adjusting brightness of the mirror based on the lighting in the room, the LEDs, which are positioned at both the top and the bottom of the mirror, adjust brightness based on the position of the mirror, which we achieved using an accelerometer and LED strips. When the top of the mirror is tilted away from the user’s face, the position of the mirror via the accelerometer is measured, and the LEDs at the top will shine brighter while the LEDs tilted towards the user’s face at the bottom will shine less bright. Conversely, when the top is tilted towards the user, the position is measured by the accelerometer, and the top LED lights are dimmer while the bottom lights are brighter. In total, there are 6 brightness settings. There are 3 angles the mirror can be set at for different brightnesses and two brightnesses at each angle depending on the lighting in the room. The second main part of our product is the notification system. We set up a system using a push button and ethernet shield, which allows the user to push a button and have an email automatically sent to themselves reminding them to pick up a certain bath or makeup product of which they may have need. Our customer segment for this product is college girls. College dorm rooms have very poor lighting which makes it difficult to get ready in the morning. In addition, because college students have roommates, some people are required to get ready in the morning with very low lighting as to not wake their roommate. The lighting system on this mirror solves this problem, with the added bonus of shopping reminders given by emails so that students don’t need to worry about writing down a reminder as they are in a rush to leave their rooms.

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