The Intersection of the Future

Safersection is a new system designed to completely revolutionize the roads and make them safer for everyone. It is a holistic system that connects the vehicles to the road itself, and allows them to communicate. It is a basic concept transformed to a solution to every city’s problem.

When a car approaches an intersection, it triggers a sensor on the road. The sensors turn the red traffic lights on, not letting any other car cross at the same time from any other direction. As soon as the car crosses the intersection, the light goes back to green, letting other cars pass.

The second part of our system allows the traffic lights to control the movements of the vehicles that are nearby the intersection. When the light goes red, the incoming cars' sensors detect the red light and automatically bring the car to a safe stop, even when the driver wants to accelerate. We believe that if implemented properly this is an idea that can be an effective way of preventing fatal crashes and regulating traffic flow.

Our target audience in this case would be the government as well as the automotive industry, as if applied to the real world, would require both parties to work cooperatively so that the system can be implemented in all cars and intersections.

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