Safe Glow

Angelina Risi and Rachel Qiao Han


Nowadays, cycling has become a popular and eco-friendly activity. However, there are certain safety issues related to cycling, especially cycling at night and mountain biking. Individual bikers lack of signals to communicate with others members in the group, and other moving vehicles might not notice the cyclists at night and thus cause some safety concerns. Our product serves to solve this potential issue. We intend to create a portable gadget that can be carried with the cyclist/bicycle so that when the cyclist is riding over a certain speed threshold, the EL Wires that are attached to the attire of the biker will be lit up in certain patterns and thus notify the surrounding people as well as the cyclist of the speed variation. Besides solving safety issues, the accelerometer controlled EL wires system can also serve for aesthetic purposes. For this part, we intend to connect the arduino with a bluetooth module and control the patterns via some phone app. For instance, we can change the desired threshold for the wires to light up, the frequency of flashing, the different color patterns and variation of intensity. The possibilities are beyond imagination. On the design side, we will be 3D printing the shield for the whole portable hardware gadget and we will possibly make a PENN sign (or the Penn logo) on the clothes using red and blue color EL wires.

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