Remote Controlled Boe Bot with Accelerometer


For our final project, we will be creating a remote controlled car. The car will be a pre-built Boe Bot with 4 Standard Parallax continuous rotation servos as wheels. The movement of the motors will be fine-tuned with code to response to the tilt of an external gyroscope, which will communicate via XBees. The gyroscope will function such that the tilt (after calibration) determines car motion. Since the gyroscope outputs data in the form of angular acceleration, we have unique integral functions to compute the angle after calibration. Essentially, if the gyroscope is tilted to the left, the car will turn to the left. Depending on the angle of tilt, both wheels will react different. If the tilt is extreme, one wheel might even move in the opposite direction as the other (effectively spinning the Bot). We will try to implement it so that the slope of the tilt relates to the direction of the car.

Furthermore, each side of the car will be fitted with TCS34725 Color Sensors which detects the color of the ground. A potential consumer, given different colored building blocks can create a path for the racer, different colors corresponding to different reactions from the Kart. The market for this product is children. We will try to portray this as an alternative method to actual remote controlled cars – essentially, because of the gyroscope, kids will be able to control the car through hand motions instead of a joystick. It gyroscope will be fitted inside a glove and thus from an early age, children can learn the essence of precise hand motor functions while enjoying a dandy product. Also, the building blocks encourage children to live up to their imaginations and create the racing track that they always wanted to.

The materials needed for this are an gyroscope, Boe Bot, Construction paper (as building blocks), XBee wireless communication, the color sensor and Arduinos.

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