see the world around you

The go360 is a device that revolutionizes how our experiences in the outdoor world are captured. Using simple hand movements, users of this device are able to rotate a goPro camera 360 degrees and capture the world around them at any angle they desire. An accelerometer, which will be attached to a wristband, will sense the required motion from the wrist and transmit it to a motor. This will in turn rotate the motor that will be attached to the camera. In order to make the device more user-friendly, eight ring buzzers will be implemented on the wristband. As the camera rotates in increments of 45 degrees, a buzzer will be triggered depending on where the camera is oriented. These buzzers will be located all around the wrist band. For instance, if the camera is rotated 180 degrees, the buzzer will be triggered at the bottom of the wrist band. At 270 degrees, the buzzer will be triggered on the left of the wrist band. There is obviously a large market for the go360, as it targets current goPro users looking to enhance the way they capture their experiences. The go360 can also increase the safety of outdoor adventurists looking to capture views that are not in their line of sight, as they would no longer need to deviate from their direction of motion (i.e. while biking, skiing, etc.) to capture the world around them.

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